How To Use: Whipped Soaps + Foaming Scrubs

How To Use: Whipped Soaps + Foaming Scrubs

There is NOTHING like our whipped soaps + scrubs! The texture is unreal and our customers swear they've never witnessed such a consistency. You've gotta try this stuff to believe it!

They are very similar to each other in the sense they both cleanse, like a soap. They bubble up when agitated to create a thick foaming lather. We handcraft every batch with skin loving oils, such as avocado and grapeseed oils, resulting in a smooth + creamy application. Our whips are so creamy and moisturizing, most people don't even need to follow up with lotion!

We always send out at least one spoon for every jar to prevent water from getting into the whips. It's okay if it does! Preventing water from creeping in just prolongs the life of the product.


WHIPPED SOAP: Simply scoop desired amount with fingers or spoon. We fully encourage to go big or go home when it comes to your scoops but a little goes a LONG way.

  • You can slap onto a body loofah for extra foam + lather to use as a body wash.
  • Use as a bath cream to create a creamy bubbly addition to your bath.
  • Slap a scoop between your palms and lather up as a shaving cream. 
  • Keep a jar next to your sink for a fun hand soap that results in a satisfying wash every time.

FOAMING SCRUB: Like our whips, our scrubs cleanse. However, we add sugars, salts + other skin loving exfoliants. Like the soaps, simply scooped desired amount and scrub away. Caution: Using these foaming scrubs results in a ridiculously smooth freakin' body. 

  • Gentle enough to use during every bath or shower.
  • Always made with Vegan + Organic exfoliants.

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