90's Kid (Froot Loops)

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At some point, we all sat in front of our favorite toons while eating a big bowl of cereal. Now, you can bathe in the nostalgic aroma of your childhood during those Saturday mornings.

90'S KID Whipped Soap! Scented in fruit loops and smells exactly like a bowl of them. Whether you are super nostalgic, dig fruity scents or just flat out love this cereal - you will not be disappointed!

  • 8oz Whipped Soap - A fluffy, creamy + thick whipped soap that glides on like frosting. Perfect for hand washing, body wash, and shaving.
  • Body Buff - A thick, much more scrubby texture than our foaming scrubs. Instead of a scrub that foams while scrubbing, these BODY BUFF's are made with Shea Butter resulting in seriously smooth, buffed + moisturized skin. 4oz jars (5.5 oz weight)
  • Body Frosting - A thick, creamy body butter whipped with botanical extracts, Shea + Cocoa butter for a super deep quench without leaving that greasy feel. We are receiving some of the best feedback on our frostings! These are sold in low profile 4-oz jars (5.2oz by weight)
  • Jelly Soap - 100% vegan and made from seaweed, this jiggly wiggly soap can be used as a whole or cut into pieces. Use just like you would soap or add it into your favorite bath cocktail. Comes in 9oz jars.
  • Body/Room Spray - the name speaks for itself! 8oz spray bottle full of yummy body or room spray. It can be used as either!
  • Bubbly Gel - 8oz of slippery bubbles! Use as bubble bath or body wash.

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