Birthday Cake

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Yeah, that's right. We said BIRTHDAY CAKE.

  • 8oz Whipped Soap - A fluffy, creamy + thick whipped soap that glides on like frosting. Perfect for hand washing, body wash, and shaving.
  • Body Frosting - A thick, creamy body butter whipped with botanical extracts, Shea + Cocoa butter for a super deep quench without leaving that greasy feel. We are receiving some of the best feedback on our frostings! These are sold in low profile 4-oz jars (5.2oz by weight)
  • Body/Room Spray - the name speaks for itself! 8oz spray bottle full of yummy body or room spray. It can be used as either!
  • Bubbly Gel - 8oz of slippery bubbles! Use as bubble bath or body wash.
  • Body Buff - A thick, much more scrubby texture than our foaming scrubs. Instead of a scrub that foams while scrubbing, these BODY BUFF's are made with Shea Butter resulting in seriously smooth, buffed + moisturized skin. 4oz jars (5.5 oz weight)


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