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whipping up orders placed Oct 27-Nov 3 please remember we are working as fast as possible!
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Winter Body Frostings
Dose Bath Co.

Winter Body Frostings

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Vanilla Bean Cream: fresh vanilla bean, sugar cookies and warm caramel
PINK SUGAR: A musky & sweet delectable cotton candy essence with hints of jasmine and musk
Lemon Pound Cake: A sweet and indulgent blend of lemon, angel food cake and vanilla
Gingerbread: fresh out of the oven gingerbread cookies
Peppermint Mocha: rich mocha blended with fresh peppermint
Sugar Cookie Macarons: sugar cookie blended with vanilla macarons
CALM: lavender + tonka
Eat Cake: A dupe for tokyo milk! Notes of sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid & white musk.
Hot Cocoa: rich hot chocolate topped with fluffy marshmallows
Yog Nog: Caramel + Buttery brown sugar
Holiday Cheer: bayberries, cranberries, pine, cinnamon + orange zest
Frozen: grapefruit + neroli (lush dupe for FROZEN)
Santa's Pipe: Smoky Tobacco Leaf + Sweet Honey + Leather + Cedarwood + Cherry Wood + Vanilla Bean
Sugar Plum Fairy: frosted candied plums
Snow Some Confection: almond + marzipan (snowcake dupe)
Santa Gets Baked: vanilla sugar cookies, sugary sprinkles & a kiss of balsam with a hint of lemon zest
Frosted Cranberry: sweet cranberries, winter frost, deep sugared plums
Caramel Apple Cider: caramel drizzled apple cider
Destroy My Sweater: Fresh air flirting with mint + snow covered pine needles + winter berries + wood notes + velvet mossy undertone + vanilla musk
Toasted Coconut Smores: coconut s'mores and whips it into a velvety, creamy, buttercream vanilla base
Maple Fudge: decadent fudge swirled with rich maple syrup
Olive Branches: Lemon + bergamot + leafy olive branches + sweet vanilla + soft musk
Poppin' Autumn: Apples, Honey + Champagne
Marshmallow Fireside: Warm & Toasted marshmallows, smoldering woods and rich vanilla cream