Crushin' On Captain (Captain Crunch)

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Strawberry, Grape, Buttercream, Fresh Bakery notes, Wild Berries, Raspberry, Vanilla Sugar, Plums, Tonka Bean with a hint of Warm Maple Syrup. That's right...
  • FOAMING SCRUB: We took our best selling Whipped Soaps and added exfoliants (mostly sugar) for a foaming, lathering, mild exfoliation. Scoop desired amount + lather up/exfoliate.
  • BODY FROSTING: A thick body butter (made with REAL butters - shea + cocoa) made with botanical extracts. This will NOT leave behind a greasy feeling. It soaks in beautifully!
  • BODY BUFF: Our Body Buffs are a thick, creamy + buttery scrub you use in shower/bath. This is a medium exfoliation. The butters and botanical extracts in our BODY BUFFS stay on skin after showering for an awesome moisturized feeling. You don't need lotion after scrubbing with these!
  • BUBBLY GEL: Thick Bubbly Gel you can use as Shower gel or Bubble bath. Creates tons of slippery bubbles!