Frozen Candied Apple Whip

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We wanted this whipped soap to replicate a true candied apple with it's outer candy shell. We took shea butter soap and covered the top in it. To use this soap, simply take a spoon/knife/fingers/claws to pop through the "candy shell". This is soap as well - you can use it!
WHAT ARE WHIPPED SOAPS? The best thing to come into your life, really. Think of a tub of shaving cream (but a thousand times better). It's dense, creamy, thick and oh so dreamy. We leave the coconut oil out of our products so that almost EVERY skin type can stand our whipped soaps + foaming scrubs. Thick enough to keep it's shape but soft enough to scoop a dollop out with your fingers. It lathers up like a dream once you introduce it to soap. You can also apply thick to shave with! It's versatile as well. Place by your sink for hand washing, use as a body wash on a loofah, shaving soap, etc. 
Each WHIP comes in an 8oz jar by volume