New Year Body Buffs (Shea Butter Scrubs)
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New Year Body Buffs (Shea Butter Scrubs)

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Winter Wonderland: sweet strawberries, fresh jasmine petals, white amber and creamy sandalwood. A super fresh, light, slighty floral + fruity scent.

Freshly Picked Flowers: beautiful roses, fresh magnolias, iris, tuberose, gardenia & so many more fresh floral notes to name. Smells like you're walking down the flower section at your local garden shop.

Dapper Dude: sweet tobacco, bourbon, oak + vanilla. Smells like a gentleman's lounge!

Cotton Candy: freshly spun sugar on a stick! Your typical Cotton Candy scent - but you get to rub it on your body

Birthday Cake: fluffy yellow cake topped with sweet buttercream frosting, COVERED in rainbow sprinkles.

Mouthful of Love: sweet cherries, orange citrus cream, coconut, loads of creamy vanilla custard with sugary crystal sprinkles.

Lemon Verbena: citrus mingles with freshly crushed verbena leaves. Fresh + unique scent, you'll love it if you love fresh citrus notes.

Lady Unicorn: Black Raspberry + Vanilla

Get This Bread: Freshly baked bread aromas

Rock Candy: cherry, raspberry, grape, strawberries blended with sugary sweet rock candy, tangy citrus and a hint of icy peppermint mingled with vanilla. Super crisp & sticky sweet

Chocolate Frosting: chocolate motherload

Yog Nog: burnt caramel + brown sugar