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These are READY TO SHIP products leftover from seasonal scents or overstock. Discounted to clear shelves!


*PLEASE NOTE* if you order anything else outside of READY TO SHIP items, you will have to wait until those orders are made. 

Ships same day - keep in mind we are closed for Thanksgiving Wed-Fri

*Monkey Farts Bubble Bar Butt Ends- the end of Monkey Farts bubble bar loaf! 2 available weighing from 3.8oz-4oz of product. Still works beautifully, just not as pretty. Ugly bubble bars need love, too!

*Frosted Bubble Bar Cakes - these bubble bar cakes are huge but not AS scented as we would like. They were one of the very first batches we made. Go ahead and snag one of these for just $5! Plenty to go around for a couple of baths or one big boujee bath

Springsteen's Jean's- did you know we used to make WAX MELTS? Well, weve gone over to the vegan side so we've put on a pause on production until we find a better wax. This is a DENIM + fresh laundry scented clamshell that needs a good melting pot to call home. Equipped with an old school Dose Bath co sticker and all! 😜 Note; this is NOT vegan as it is made with soy wax and beeswax!