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How on earth could we leave our JELLY SOAPS out of our Spring Collection? 

We have a lot of customers rave about our Jellies. They aren't "liquidy" at all! A solid, squishy, jiggly + ever so wiggly jelly for your bathing pleasure!

Scent Descriptions:

Carrot Cake - Notes of cinnamon, carrots (of course) topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting. 

Pink Sugar - Cotton Candy notes with sugared lemon drops, vanilla and a hint of musk. 

Mellow Peeps - You guessed it. A freakin' Marshmallow PEEP!

Watermelon - Juicy watermelon in a Jelly Soap? You'll want to eat it!

Cool Beans - Jelly Beans!

Dipped Berry - This scent captures the very moment you bite into a Juicy chocolate covered strawberry. Delish!

Oceanview Bamboo- Bamboo and grapefruit combination that smells fresh AF, yo.

Olive Branch - a favorite dupe with scent notes of lemon, bergamot, olive branches sweetend with a light musk. 

Lemon Lavender - A uplifting yet soothing blend of lemon + lavender