Dose Drop Box is a way to place multiple orders while paying only ONE shipping price! How it works:

1) Place an order and leave a note at checkout stating that you'd like to start a Dose Drop. 

2) We hold this order until you leave a note stating that you are ready to ship.

3) Place as many more orders as you'd like! Don't forget - you MUST use the "DOSEDROP" coupon in order to knock off shipping for 2nd order on. 

4) The last order you place before you decide you are ready for us to ship, leave a note saying you'd like to close your Dose Drop. 

The turn around time will be different on these. Since we will be prepared to combine your orders, we should be able to ship within a week. Please note, this is always an estimate and could get there sooner or a little later. All items are made to order!

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