I’ve tried TONS of different whipped soaps. Some are too soft and tend to melt sitting on the window sill in the shower since I live in South Florida. Others are great but are just too expensive for the size and just in general. I wasn’t sure how Dose whipped soaps would be but boy, am I super happy! This is such a perfect cereal scent and the consistency is just perfection. And how could I not love those cute waterproof labels and gorgeous soap colors?


First let's talk about that texture. GIRL, it is the craziest, thickest whipped soap I've ever used. Usually soaps like this dry my skin out but not from Dose. Now let's talk about that scent! I was left smelling like a nostalgic dream with skin so soft I could make my 1 year old jealous. Definitely made a lasting customer.


This whipped soap feels silky smooth on your skin, and leaves it feeling clean and soft. The scent is so yummy and fruity, and I couldn't wait to use it. The proceeds going to women's shelters is an added bonus, which makes it an easy choice to add on to any order.


Not only does this whipped soap have the perfect consistency (as with all of Dose's whipped soaps) but the scent of this one is spot on - even better in my opinion. The marzipan is perfect and it is a nice, light fragrance but not TOO light which is why it's my favorite version of this scent. It's just perfect!!!


This whip soap has such a delicious scent! And it is so luxurious to use, my skin feels so soft afterwards! I love it, and plan to order this regularly!