Meet Kristin

Thank you so much for your interest in my little bath biz!
I'm Kristin and I wear (almost) all the hats here at Dose Bath Co. My husband, Gary, takes the cake for the other aspect of the operations. He keeps me grounded and helps me every single day with this business. Let's call him our C.O.O. :)
We are a small family of 3. We have a very rambunctious 10 year old who we home school around running our businesses. That's right! We are an entrepreneur family running 2 full-time businesses on the daily. Aside from Dose Bath Co, we also own & operate a service shop in our town. Gary is a marine technician so he's busy keeping boaters on the many lakes of our hometown! (Fun fact: we are located in Lake County - we have over 1,000 lakes! We are about 45 minutes from Disney World and Daytona Beach)
I used to run a home childcare, as a matter of fact! It was when I was operating that business when I fell in love with the idea of this one. I love children but 11 hours a day at 5 days a week for 3 years = complete burn out! I was scrolling on Pinterest when I got the idea to try my hand at bath bombs. The funny thing is - I completely FAILED at bath bombs. I could never get them how I wanted them, the sticky humidity in Florida always made it different, just no. It was *that* fail that led me into making my #1 product - Whipped Soap! I started researching like a mad lady and a few months into my business, I perfected my recipe. Needless to say, I closed my childcare to aspire my true dream of this bath + body life!
Check out our whipped soap V1! It was so fluffy and light. Customers loved it until one day we got the worst news EVER. A loyal customer's whipped soaps came to her deflated. I was devastated! In business, you quickly learn that mistakes are data. I learned what I was doing wrong and completely GOT "that texture" my customers were looking for. I haven't looked back since :)
Our first edition of whipped soaps were fluffy! So fluffy, we had the worst feeling EVER when a customers arrived deflated. Mistakes are data! We learned from our mistake and now our soap is better than ever. We dare you to try it!
I go into my shop Monday-Friday from about 9-5pm. I work on as much as I can between creating new products, fulfilling open orders, packing orders, making all the products in small batches - you name it! I do it all with your support. By shopping small, all orders are what keeps me busy day after day and I couldn't thank my customers enough. There's a difference when you shop at a big corporate store versus a small business, such as Dose Bath Co! You are supporting my dream, my family, my life. You will feel my gratitude with every single order!