whipping up orders placed LATE MAY please remember we are working as fast as possible!
whipping up orders placed LATE MAY please remember we are working as fast as possible!
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Why we don't use Coconut Oil in our products, EVER!

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One of the best compliments we receive the most is "I have the most sensitive skin and I can use Dose products!". We attribute this to over a year of research in finding the absolute BEST oil to use on any skin type, as often as the customer pleases. We have found Grapeseed Oil to be the best and use top notch oils (which make our soaps the absolute creamiest!) 
Did you know? There is a scale that measures the likelihood of an oil clogging your pores. This scale is called the comedogenic scale and ranges from 0 (won't clog your pores) to a 5 (will clog your pores, most def!) Oils that fall in the 0-2 range are classified as non-comedogenic oils. Any person with troubled skin or acne prone skin should be very careful before using any oils between 3-5. (this is not us providing medical advice, this is just a heads up to my tribe)
Guess what Coconut Oil scores in? a 4. That's right...a FOUR. 4/5 chance it will clog your pores. No thanks!
That's why we use Grapeseed Oil. This comes in at a number ONE! This is classified as a non-comedogenic oil and it's safe for mostly all skin types. You should be able to use our WHIPPED SOAPS and FOAMING SCRUBS with absolutely no issues.
Please keep in mind if you are acne prone to be careful with our Body Buffs and Body Frostings. This do contain Shea and Cocoa butter meant for the body only. If you're unsure if your skin can withstand these butters, test on small area of body before use.