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90's Kid (Froot Loops)

90's Kid (Froot Loops)

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At some point, we all sat in front of our favorite toons while eating a big bowl of cereal. Now, you can bathe in the nostalgic aroma of your childhood during those Saturday mornings.
Scented in fruit loops and smells exactly like a bowl of them. Whether you are super nostalgic, dig fruity scents or just flat out love this cereal - you will not be disappointed!


Info & care

We handcraft our products right here in Central Florida - where humid and heat have retired to and have never left. We have curated our recipes to precise ingredients & measurements to ensure ALL of our products can withstand heat during transit. Every single product - we pinky promise ;) 

When using your product, be sure to use the mini spoons we send along in your package -or- clean hands. Try not to get any water into the jar to preserve your product as long as possible! Our jars are 8oz and have weatherproof labels so they're perfectly fine to keep in your shower/tub/sink/bathroom. 

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