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Dose Bath Co.

Ready To Ship Goodies!

Ready To Ship Goodies!

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We are catching up on our TAT faster than ever! Our shelves were filling up from extra product from all the batch-making...let's have a RTS sale! 


Scent List:

  • Lavender + Coconut Milk: soothing lavender + coconut milk with hints of musk
  • Cream Soda: straight up bubbly cream soda!
  • Twinkle Tinsel: pomegranate, strawberries, peppermint + vanilla 
  • White Chocolate Java Chip: house blend of white chocolate and coffee beans 
  • Peppermint Penelope: candy cane + vanilla 
  • Snowman's Land: spearmint and frosty peppermint blended with vanilla on top of cotton candy sugary notes
  • Snow Cake: almond + marzipan
  • Vanilla Cotton: fluffy cotton blended with ylang ylang, red currant, soft dewberry and lily of the valley
  • Sugared Velvet: red velvet crème, golden plum,sugared musk, pink jasmine + strawberries
  • Toast Crunchies: cinnamon toast crunch! (Caution: contains cinnamon notes; may not be best for sensitive skin)
  • Destroy MY Sweater: juniper berry, eucalyptus and sage on a woodsy background
  • Graveyard Dirt: listen...some people like it. 
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What does made-to-order mean?

This means we don't have rows of products sitting on our shelves. It means every product is whipped up in small batches and sent out in order as received! You can bet your suds it will be fresh AF when it arrives!

How big are the jars and what is the shelf life?

All of our jars are 8oz by volume. Depending on the thickness/density of the product, net weight will vary. Shelf life is ONE YEAR from the time your product ships - this doesn't mean they go bad but this is when we suggest replacing for maximum quality + results.

Will this melt in transit?

DBC is located in Central FL - where it is VERY hot and VERY humid! We learned our lessons many years ago about ingredients that can withstand heat and which ones most definitely can not. Rest assured - nothing will melt in transit! Not even our body frostings! (body butters)